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Promotes root growth, accelerates ripening, increases crop yield

Alfa Boost by GrowsArtig is a growth booster and stimulator. In addition to Alfa Boost, you will only need an NPK fertilizer to ensure a nutrient supply or, alternatively, a very nutrient-rich soil. ALFA BOOST is an all-in-one plant booster, designed to support the plant at every stage of its development. Starting from the germination of the seeds and rooting of the cuttings, through the phase of growth and flowering, until to the harvest.

Alfa Boost has an incredibly broad spectrum of effect: It promotes root growth, accelerates ripening, increases crop yield and prevents salinization, just to name a few of its properties.

In addition to Alfa Boost, you can of course also use a root stimulator, a flowering accelerator, a PK booster (such as PK13 / 14) or a similar plant additive. AlfaBoost has no significant influence on the EC value, as it contains only very small amounts of micro and macronutrients. It should be noted that Alfa Boost has a very low pH value and therefore will lower the pH value of the water used for irrigation. To get the best out of your plants, we highly recommend adding molasses and other sugar-containing booster products to your plants in combination with Alfa Boost. When using Alfa Boost, microorganism preparations and enzymes are no longer needed, as Alfa Boost already contains various microorganisms and enzymes. Since Alfa Boost is very fluid, it may appear to be made up of a large portion of pure water. But in reality bacterial and fungal cultures make up more than 95% of Alfa Boost and these microorganisms are made up of 95% water. ALFA BOOST is composed of a blend of selected microorganisms and herbs which combined have incredible positive effects on both the soil and the plant. It is produced with a relatively long process, in which some selected herbs and parts of plants and with the addition of bacterial and fungal cultures are fermented for a period of two months. Through this long fermentation process, the microorganisms added


The ingredients of Alfa Boost include, as already mentioned, bacterial and fungal cultures, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants, produced during the fermentation process, and a variety of herbal ingredients from carefully selected herbs and plants. All the raw materials used come from German and Austrian producers, are certified organic and come from wild or organic collections. The bacterial and fungal cultures used are not genetically modified and are not harmful to human health but, on the contrary, beneficial. The active ingredients contained in Alfa Boost, all derived from vegetable raw materials by natural fermentation, include various phytophysiologically active substances such as:

  • AUXINS, which are found in large quantities in willows, have a general promoting effect on the plant and also stimulate the growth of cell division, the birth of fruits and in particular the growth of the roots of the plant.
  • CYTOKININS stimulate cell division and, in interaction with other phytohormones (especially auxin again) and environmental factors (such as light) regulate a variety of plant growth and differentiation processes. They also make the plant more resistant to various pathogenic bacteria.
  • GIBBERELLINE favor the germination process by stimulating the mobilization of the energy stored in the seed and thus accelerating the breakdown of germinal dormancy. In combination with auxin, gibberellins guarantee larger flowers and fruits.
  • ABSCISIC ACID plays an important role in stomatal respiration and develops its supporting and regulating effect, especially in adverse environmental conditions, such as drought stress, heat stress and salt stress, as well as cold stress.

It is tested according to InfoXgen's organic criteria.


Soil Yes
Format Liquid
Manufacturer GrowsArtig

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