Atami Rockwool Cube 4x4cm - 10pcs

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Germination Cubes of the best quality

Agro Rockwool Cubes - 40mm Rockwool, high quality Rockwool, a leading product in the Worlds commercial and hobby grow market. Agro Rockwool has a higher density than alternative brands and makes an ideal media for most Hydroponic and aeroponic applications. Agro Rockwool Cubes are supplied in convenient sheets. Recommended for starting seeds and cuttings, the cubes are then transferred as needed to Agro Rockwool Blocks or any traditional medium. Available sizes: 40mm x 40mm x 40mm

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Buy Atami Rockwool Cube 4x4cm - 10pcs + EasyRoll - Suspension Device + Generic pH- 1L

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