Grower Co2 Bag - Natural Carbon Dioxide



Grower Co2 Bag - Natural Carbon Dioxide: brings guaranteed results by favoring more healthy and abundant crops
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Natural Release of Carbon Dioxide

Co2 plays a key role in indoor cultivation, it promotes abundant growth and flowering, Grower Co2 Bag - Natural Carbon Dioxide brings guaranteed results by favoring more healthy and abundant crops.

These CO2 bags (carbon dioxide) are all that a indoor grower can desire. Compact bags are easy to use and affordable.

Like oxygen for humans, carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the vital components for efficient plant growth. All plants need carbon dioxide to grow. When there is a CO2 shortage the plants grow slowly with yields lower than the optimal ones.

CO2 bags can multiply the growth rate of all plants in indoor, leading to healthier and abundant fruits with outstanding crop yields. CO2 bags are extremely easy to use: just a single pen or small screwdriver and a piece of rope.

How to Use the Co2 Bag Grower:

• Using a pencil or screwdriver pierce 3-6 holes in the bag roughly 1 inch from the top. Do not make contact with the contents of the bag. If the bag has not begun emitting co2 within 3 days, carefully insert 1-2ml of clean water via an existing hole to assist the activation.
• Using the cable tie supplied hang the bag above your plants. Situate the bag close to air intake to ensure co2 is not removed from the room immediately.
• The bag will begin to produce co2 over 2-3 days at an optimum temperature of between 25-30 degrees.
• Optimum humidity levels are important; therefore, if the bag produces too much moisture, simply pierce the bottom of the bag with a pin to remove excess moisture.
• Do not hang close to lights or other heat sources.
• Recommended room size 5m2 - 15m2.
• Bags will produce co2 for between 2-3 months dependant on ventilation, heat humidity and amount of holes in bag.
• IMPORTANT - DO NOT consume the product. If the product is consumed seek medical attention immediately.

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