GrowDirector - Automated Hydroponic System – Superior Kit

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For a fully automated hydroponic system

Our Hydroponic Superior Kit and GrowDirector software is a For a fully automated hydroponic system for indoor plant growth that gives you real-time feedback and control over your plants. Whether to know and manage temperature, humidity, pH, EC and more, or check on progress, track plant development and make informed decisions, the hydroponic environmental control system gives you all necessary updates. By responding to real-time sensor readings, you can easily take full control of your plants and hydroponic needs using the mobile app.

With GrowDirector, managing the health of your plants is as easy as ever. Our automated hydroponic system connects easily to Wi-Fi and can give you minute-by-minute updates that allow you to take complete control over the well-being of your plants.

Become a worry-free grower today by simply telling GrowDirector your perfect plant environment through our state-of-the-art application.

Kit includes the following features

Our elite and customised kit includes all of the following features;

Ten ready-made, built-in relay systems that allow you the control and ease to direct numerous pieces of equipment at one time- with our easily connecting system.

The science behind automated hydroponic machine is that each internal relay that is outputted by our system is controlled by the external relay, which in turn allows the electricity to run smoothly and effectively to the equipment. A simple example of this concept is if you have 4 lamps, those 4 lamps would equal 4*600w=2.4Kw, and so on. This is also the most effective and productive way to use our equipment because it allows our device full, unlimited control of the electrical chain.

Our highly skilled and widely experienced engineers, who helped pioneer the fundamental workings of our automated hydroponics control system (Superior Kit), not to mention our Grow Director, advises all consumers to connect 4 lamps to 1 external relay (that should now be sufficiently placed within your electrical box) to allow an external relay to build parallel to the internal relay. It is also advised to allow some room for more productivity as there should be 9 relays left within the system after use—for other uses.

Hydrobox is also installed with 3 sensors. These sensors are specially adapted to track the productivity of the pH balance, the EC, and the water temperature. Alongside this, you will be provided with 4 peristaltic pumps. One function of the peristaltic pumps is to lower the pH balance. The other 3 are used to filter in nutrients as and when they are needed.

We provide each of our valued customers with a specially adapted socket, which will provide you an additional 4 universal outlets that can be controlled individually.

Hydroponic Superior Kit
Our hydroponic Superior Kits and GrowDirectors provide all of our customers with on-time notifications on the well-being of your plants. This provides fully automated hydroponic system for you to regain some control over your plants. The software not only keeps you notified of the well-being of your plants, but it also regularly checks the growth, progress and, in some cases, identifies a problem and resolves the issue without it even coming to your attention!

We have created our own app, available on Android, so if a situation arises with your automated hydroponic greenhouse that the software cannot resolve solely, then you will receive a notification on your smartphone to tell you what the issue is. We will then offer tailored advice on the best way to solve the problem! All of our notifications are based on real-time, statistical readings generated through your sensors. All of our environmental controllers hydroponics can be easily connected to wi-fi to provide you with the most advanced growing equipment and efficient app. Our sensors allow you to be in control of the growth and general well-being of your plants- get real updates in real-time with real diagnoses.

Automated Hydroponic System Includes:

(1) GrowDirector
(1) 10” Touchscreen Interface
(1) 10 Build-in Relays
(1) Power Box (2m (6.5ft) Cable) with 4 universal outlets that can be controlled separately
(1) Hydro Box (2m (6.5ft) Cable) with 3 sensors (pH, EC, water temp) and 4 peristaltic pumps
(1) GDA Software
(1) Air Humidity Sensor (2m 6.5ft Cable)
(1) Air Temperature Sensor (2m 6.5ft Cable)
(1) pH Sensor (2m 6.5ft Cable)
(1) EC Sensor (1m 3.3ft Cable)
(1) Water Temperature Sensor (1m 3.3ft Cable)
Software Updates
As a GrowDirector owner, you are eligible to receive life-long software updates to improve your user experience. We are always offering changes to make our systems better and they are completely free!


Manufacturer GrowDirector

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