Secret Jardin Dark Street R4.0 120 x 120 x 198 cm - Grow Tents



Secret Jardin Dark Street DS grow box series is equipped for all kinds of accessories.
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95% grow lights propagation

Dark Street DS - Secret Jardin series is the best way to grow indoor, perfect for hydroponics this grow box allows you to increase of 95% the light propagation and the light reflection.


  • Better light reflection and light propagation;
  • Equipped for extration and ventilation;
  • Metal bars for grow lights hanging.

Others formats:

Dark Street II 90x90x178 Secret Jardin - € 135,70
DS120W - Dark Street Wide 120x60x178 Secret Jardin - € 151,90

Product list Secret Jardin
Manufacturer Secret Jardin
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  • Rating Sam 14/08/2013

    "Perfect grow box indoor for hydroponics!!"

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Buy Grow Tent - Secret Jardin Dark Street R4.0 120 x 120 x 198 cm + Digital Combo Thermo-Hygrometer + EasyRoll - Suspension Device

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