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Solo-Tek Bloom is designed to provide plants with an ideal nutritional path for the flowering phase
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High nutritious concentration

Grotek Solo Tek Bloom Stimulating Flowering

Solo Tek Bloom is designed to provide plants with an ideal nutritional path for the flowering phase. Solo Tek Bloom is a unique product because it contains a very high concentration of nutrients, as well as organic chelating agents. It also contains a series of amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates, all from natural plant sources.

The Grotek team of scientists has conducted extensive research into basic nutrients on the market with the goal of improving their formulas and plant development. Solo Tek is the result of this research and provides farmers with high-quality horticulture nutrients that are carefully combined in proportions that provide plants with an optimal dose at each stage. Examples of such ratios are 3: 1 of calcium and magnesium, 9: 1 of nitrates and ammonia nitrogen.

The primary, secondary and micronutrients are chelated to ensure that the plant can absorb maximum fertilizers without having a pH overload. The fact that Solo Tek Grow and Solo Tek Bloom are organic products makes pH control very important. Extracts from plants such as algae and other plants are the natural ingredients that compose Solo Tek to help plants reach their highest level of efficiency. These ingredients help maximize plant growth, the number of leaves and sugar levels in crops.

Solo Tek is a unique product with a fermented part, designed for use in any system whether it is hydroponics, land, coconut, outdoors or in greenhouses. With an organic content of 45%, this product offers the best of both resources, in addition to the biological and chemical addition of secondary nutrients and micronutrients.


  • 3% Nitrogen
  • 8% phosphorus
  • Potassium 8%
  • 3% Football
  • Magnesium 0.5%
  • 0.1% Iron

How to use:


  • Mix 1 ml up to 2 ml of Solo-Tek Bloom for 1 litre of water, once a week
  • Start applications with 7-10 days before the first flowering
  • For potted plants mix 1-2 ml of product per one litre of water every 1-2 weeks
  • For indoor plants always mix 1-2 ml of Solo-Tek Bloom in one litre of water once a month
  • This concentrated product is suitable for gardens, containers, shrubs and trees, houseplants and exotic plants.
  • Ideal for use both on the ground and off the ground
  • Keep out of reach of children

Characteristics of the Flowering Fertilizer / Grotek Solo Tek Bloom


  • Brand: Grotek
  • Product: Solo Tek Bloom
  • Fertilizer for the flowering phase


  • Fertilizer / Stimulant Flowering Grotek Solo Tek Bloom

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