Grotek Monster Grow Pro 2,5Kg

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The new Monster Grow is a powerful supplement designed to improve the existing fertilizer program during the vegetative and pre-flowering phase.
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Fertilizer for the vegetative and pre-flowering phase

Monster Grow PRO from Grotek provides nourishment for plants during the period of maximum growth. The nutrients contained in this fertilizer promote vigorous growth and the addition of calcium and magnesium prevents nutritional deficiencies.

Monster Grow PRO is formulated in such a way that when used with half its normal concentration, it can be used for rooted cuttings while using the normal dose its ensures an effective growth before entering the flowering phase.

How to use:


  •     It can be used immediately after the period of radification to strengthen the growth of the plant or in the middle of the vegetative cycle to strengthen the next phase
  •     Mix in a proportion of 3 grams every 19 liters of nutritive solution
  •     Repeat on a weekly basis throughout the period of vegetative growth

Features Grotek Monster Grow PRO 500g Fertilizer - Additive for Growth


  •     Brand: Grotek
  •     Product: Monster Grow PRO
  •     Integrator to enhance the vegetative development phase
  •     NPK: 18-36-1
  •     Format: 500 g

- Grotek Monster Grow PRO Fertilizer / Growth Additive (500g)

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