Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster



Grotek Growth Booster is a highly concentrated growth stimulator: it speeds up the carbohydrate metabolism and promotes the root development.
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Promotes an early and vigorous vegetative growth

Grotek Growth Booster is formulated to promote early and vigorous vegetative growth, in the vegetative phase and in plant growth.
The high nitrogen content supports vegetative growth, while phosphorus supports the production of photosynthetic energy.
Phosphorus also helps to increase carbohydrate metabolism and promote root development. Growth Booster is designed for a single application of the product before flower growth.

How to use:

  • Hydroponics: mix 1 gr of product for 10 litres of nutritive solution
  • Add directly to the tank in the initial phase of growth, from the appearance of new sprouts
  • Use only once
  • Cultivation in soil or out of soil: for every 10 litres of water mix 1 gram of Growth Booster, dissolve directly in the watering can
  • Sprinkle with 1/2 litres of solution per plant, from the birth of new sprouts
  • Use only once

Features Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster Fertilizer - Growth Additive

  • Brand: Grotek
  • Product: Growth Booster
  • Ideal fertilizer for the growth phase of plants
  • NPK: 8-39-0
  • Size: 20 g / 300g

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Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster 20g - € 16,50
Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster 300g - € 101,50
Manufacturer Grotek
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