Grotek Final Flush

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It guarantees a final harvest of first quality

Salinity can become a problem for the grower, can cause growth problems and bitter fruits, Final Flush is a washing agent designed to eliminate excess salinity during the final stage of development.

Grotek Final Flush is a solution containing several active ingredients for washing the substrate in case of excessive fertilization and consequent accumulation of mineral salts around the root system. The function performed by some particular organic acids is to eliminate the non-assimilable salts from the plants from the substrate and clean any accumulations of fertilizers crystallized by hydroponic or irrigation systems.

Not always more is better! As growers, we always try to get the most out of our crops pushing to the limit the capacity of plants, but we do not always do it right and often an excess of fertilizers can be harmful and counterproductive, leading to an opposite effect to that desired or even to permanent damage to plants.

Using Final Flush before the final rinse phase forces the plant to use the mineral salts it may have accumulated during its entire cycle within its tissues. This mechanism guarantees a final harvest of first quality in terms of flavour. For growers more concentrated on quantities, there are different products suitable to add carbohydrates in the final flowering phase of the plant, thus ensuring an optimal harvest.

When using Final Flush in cases of over-fertilization, a good way to make sure that it has done its job properly is to measure the wastewater that escapes from the bottom of your vessels, once the salts have reached the desired levels, fertilization can be restarted with caution.

How to use:

  • Shake the product well before using it
  • It is possible to understand when it is convenient to use the Final Flush observing the surface of the culture substrate, in case you notice crystallized accumulations of mineral salts use 10 ml of product for 5 liters of water
  • In hydroponics: Add Final Flush to the water reserve (without nutrients or stimulators) and leave the system running for about 1 hour
  • In-ground or inert substrate: In case of over-fertilization, administer Final Flush in the dosages indicated above, making sure to drain the water well from the pots, repeat a second time if the measurement of the drainage water still shows too high levels of salts minerals. Wait a week before resuming normal fertilization (give only water if necessary)
  • As a final rinse, give 7-10 days before harvest by mixing 10 ml of product for 5 litres of water to remove accumulations of fertilizers and improve the final taste

Features of the Grotek Final Flush Fertilizer for rinsing the crop

  • Product: Final Flush Original
  • Ideal for rinsing the cultivation


Soil Yes
Hydroponics Yes
Format Liquid
Manufacturer Grotek

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