Grotek Monster Bloom 10 kg

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Improves flowering and fruit quality

Monster Bloom of Grotek has earned the current reputation for its ability to assist plants during the intermediate stages of flower development and increase overall harvest.

The high concentration of phosphorus favours flowering and plays a fundamental role in the metabolism of plants. Potassium in the formula improves flowering and fruit quality.

The fertilizer is very concentrated and must be phased out before the last two weeks of flowering. This will ensure that the plants metabolize all the power and clean it from fertilizers. The result will be a tasty and abundant crop.

Monster Bloom is a supplement and should be used as part of a complete fertilizer program.

How to use:

  • Start using Monster Bloom when buds are forming and continue to use with any fertilization application during the flowering cycle
  • Stop using for the last two weeks of flowering
  • hydroponic culture: add 6 g (1 teaspoon) for 1 L of nutritive solution. Add to each nutritive solution
  • Soil: add 6 g (1 teaspoon) to 19L of water. Use whenever you are fertilizing

Features of the Grotek Monster Bloom Fertilizer

  • Brand: Grotek
  • Product: Monster Bloom
  • Integrator to enhance flowering
  • NPK: 0-50-30


- Fertilizer / Stimulating Flowering Powder Grotek Monster Bloom

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Manufacturer Grotek

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