GIB Lighting Pro-V-T 2.0, magnetic ballast 400 W



400 Watt magnetic ballast for HPS, MH and AGRO "GIB Lighting Pro-V-T 2.0" lamps. Ignitor and power factor correction capacitor included. It reduces consumption and extends the life of your indoor grow...
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Magnetic Ballast GIB Lighting Pro-V-T 2.0 - 400W for HPS, MH, AGRO lamps

Magnetic Ballast 400WGIB Lighting Pro-V-T 2.0 is a ballast for indoor cultivation in grow boxes that extends the life of the lamp and reduces its consumption.

This magnetic ballast includes the igniter and the power factor correction capacitor in order to balance voltage fluctuations, reduce consumption and consequently extend the life of the bulbs.

The installation of this component is very simple and you can find all the information you need in our: manual for the installation and wiring of magnetic ballasts.

The system switches on HPS, MH and Agro lamps / bulbs. Easily connects to the mains via included screw terminals. It is equipped with a thermal protection that blocks the passage of current in the event of overload, short circuit, anomalous operation, rectifying effect, etc. after switching off and consequent cooling, automatic reset takes place. The thermal protection allows you to grow in safe conditions and extends the life of the lamp and the system.

Indoor Lamps Compatible with this 400w Ballast

This ballast is compatible with the following indoor lamps:

  • MH lamps: suitable for the growth phase
  • HPS-TS lamps: suitable for the flowering phase
  • Agro lamps for growth and flowering

Manufacturer GIB Lighting
Watt 400 W
Lamp Type hps, mh, agro
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