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GHE BioRoots is a roots activator.
Roots Organic
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Stimulates roots and rootlets

GHE BioRoots 1000ml is a roots activator:
- It stimulates the growth of micro-organisms in the roots and favours the development of roots and rootlets. 
- It omproves the biotype of the roots and hardens itc tip.  This allows the development of a vigorous root system and a better implantation of the plant in its environlment. 
-It helps the plant to better resist to diseases and mold pathogens (powdery mildew, damping off  etc)
Composition :
Bio Roots is composed of essences of plants, fruits and oil.  It is 100% natural
Like Bio Protect and  Bio Bloom, it comes from an ecologic recycling obtained without any chemical  or synthetic products and without artificial fertilizer. 
Application : 0.2ml /Liter.
Advise  :
- Apply only  Bio Roots on the cuttings.

Manufacturer GHE
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