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GHE Bio Protect is a plant tonic and regenerator.
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Tonic and protected plants

GHE Bio Protect 250ml is a plant tonic and regenerator. 

Composition :
Bio Protect is composed of essences of plants, fruits and contain trace element.  It is  100% natural
Like Bio Root and Bio Bloom, it is derived from ecologic recycling obtained without any added chemical or synthetic  products and without artificial fertilizer. 

Application :
Fine Foliar spray, preferably in osmosis water 
3 to 5 ml for 1 litre, or  40 to 60 drops per liter  (12 drops  = 1 ml)
- Some days after the establishment of the plant  :
Once per week during 3 weeks. Thats all .

Advice :
- Apply at night under a high humidity level (>75%)
- Shake well before use .


Bio Protect is a fortifying and a regenerator of the plant:

- It reinforces its immune system and repels insects by favouring the production of alkaloids repulsive saps, in the leaves and flowers. 
- It increases its protection by depositing a protective fiml, also repulsive to the surface of leaves. 

These two actions complete the defense system of the plant and naturally keep away insects. 

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