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FloraKleen behaves as a purifier of roots and hydroponic systems from unwanted accumulations of crystallized salts and fertilizers. To use during the rinsing phase, in case of over-fertilization or to...
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It purifies the plant roots from accumulations of fertilizers and crystallized salts

FloraKleen 500ml by GHE is designed to remove fertilizer residues that can accumulate in hydroponic systems, substrates and soils. 

It can be used in all systems and substrates during the flowering stage or during harvests in order to clean the irrigation systems and tanks from accumulated salts.

It cleans Substrates and Hydroponic Systems from accumulations of Nutrients and Mineral Salts

Unlike other products on the market, FloraKleen does not contain enzymes, but uses a completely different technology: Reduces stress due to excess or imbalance of fertilizers by breaking the bonds between the substrate and mineral salts and makes them available to the roots. It also feeds on microbial life of the soil.

Using Flora Kleen as flush at the end of the flowering stage

Use FloraKleen as a final wash a few days before harvest to improve the maturation and the production of sugar. Use FloraKleen 1 or 2 days before harvest, alone or together with Ripen for 3ml/L of water.

To clean hydroponic systems or when you change solution:

Fill a container with fresh water and add 1.5 - 3 ml/l of FloraKleen. Soak until the water begins to flow from the bottom of the pot. Get back your habitual nutrition program from the following watering.

!NOTE: Let Pass 24 hours with FloraKleen only before adding the fertilizers.

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