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BioRoot Plus 500ml from General Hydroponics is a Root Activater, 100% Organic. It helps Plants to develop a healthy and vigorous root system.
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It stimulates the roots through the enzymatic natural force, vitamins and organic acids

BioRoot Plus General Organics (GHE) is a radical natural supplement that helps plants develop a healthy and vigorous root system.

Activator of young plants roots, cuttings and transplants

It contains vitamins, enzymes, humic and organic acids which stimulate the massive development if the roots. BioRoot Plus is particulary effecient for young plants, cuttings and transplants because it stimulates the growth and health of the roots. It also provides health and vigor to adul plants, by improving the absorption capacity of nutrients.

Natural Help for the Germination of Seeds

Use BioRoot Plus even in immersion for your favourite seeds to increase the germination percentage by improving the health of the young plant.

 USE AND DOSAGE: For all plants, during the rooting of cuttings and growth. For use with all types of substrate and cultivation (soil, coco, hydroponics, etc.). In hydroponics and soil from 3 to 5 ml/L.


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