Recirculating hydroponic system

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The PLANT!T® gemini is a standalone 1 plant recirculating hydroponic system, which is popular growing method. Plants are supported and grown in a media such as PLANT!T® Clay Pebbles and they are suspended above a tank filled with nutrient solution.

The nutrient solution is pumped through the clay pebbles, via a flow-ring, direct to the roots of the plant. This draws vital oxygen into the nutrient solution as it works its way to the plant roots and ensures great growing results. The PLANT!T® gemini is ideal for long term, specimen plants.

The PLANT!T® gemini is supplied with a floor insert giving you the option to decide on the amount of media you use. There are several options available:

  • You can use the insert and less media, giving greater tank volume
  • You can remove the insert and increase the media volume
  • The choice is yours!

The PLANT!T® gemini benefits:

  • Great yields – better than hand watering, as more nutrients are provided to the roots
  • Flexible – plants can be moved around as each PLANT!T® gemini is a standalone system
  • Better results – free-draining, highly oxygenated root zone with no nutrient or water build-up


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