Tropf Blumat Kit for 12 pots - Set 3m



Tropf Blumat Set 3 Meters, this standard watering kit is sufficient for 12 plants or 3 meter balcony boxes.
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This set is designed for use on balconies, but is also suitable for any other purpose, such as watering larger collections of planting tubs or for outfitting a winter garden or small greenhouse.
As a general rule of thumb: 4 Tropf-Blumat Sensors (4 drip locations) are required per 3 square foot box, 3 Tropf-Blumat per 2.5 square foot box or 1 Tropf-Blumat sensor in planters up to 10 inches in diameter.

Water can be supplied by connection to a water faucet.

Tropf Blumat 12 Pots Kit Included:
12 Tropf-Blumat Water Sensors
23 Feet (7 meters) water supply tubing
1 tee
1 elbow
1 hose coupler
1 hose end piece
1 rain barrel / gravity tank connector
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Buy Tropf Blumat Kit for 12 pots - Set 3m + Tropf Blumat + EasyRoll - Suspension Device

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