Extractor Fan Kit - Silent Pro 31,5cm (2150 m3/h)



Extractor Fan Kit of 31,5cm for each room that requires change of fresh air, odour control and silent performance. This kit is already equipped with the Blauberg Sound-insulated centrifugal Fan 31.5cm...
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Blauberg: innovative technology for your indoor grow room

This extremely Silent Extractor Fan Kit is incredibly popular for larger grow rooms and indoor grow tents that require change of fresh air, odour control and silent performances.

The "Extractor Fan Kit - Silent Pro 31,5cm (2150 m3/h) " includes:

CAN-LITE Carbon Filter 31,5cm (3000m3/h)

Carbon filters absorb unwanted smells as the expelled air passes through them, simply attach a suitable extraction fan and ducting to replenish the growroom with fresh air.

Acoustic sound absorbing and flexible Ducting - diam 31,5cm - 5mt

Duct filled with phono-absorbing material.

BLAUBERG Sound-insulated 31,5cm - 2150m³/h

Sound-insulated centrifugal fan. Supply and exhaust ventilation systems installed in premises with high requirements to the noise level. Suitable for limited mounting space.

Screw Clip 31,5cm (3 pz.)

Screw Clip 31,5cm - accessories for air treatment

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