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A good idea for any structure from shelves, counter tops to hydroponic and aeroponic systems. It is simple, fast and stable.
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Easy Stand – Ideal Modular Structures Of Cultivation Systems

Easy Stand has the modularity of components; these structures are made of Aluminum with mounting joint system. Aluminum is the most commonly used and commercial available metal. Its light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio make it a good choice for cultivation systems. With the modular interlocking structures, Easy Stand allows you to build up a custom cultivation system without requiring any screws even incomprehensible user instruction.

Interlocking design, snap structures together easily
The project of Easy Stand is based on the idea to reduce the use material and minimize the complexity of construction. Easy stand has a modular system of interlocking tubes in 3 different lengths which be able to extended with various fittings. Moreover, the innovative structure can be equipped with not only foot and the casters as well. The casters are applied with brake to guarantee stability to your structure and create mobility of the system.

• Model: Square Tube
• Dimension: 3x3x3cm
• Thickness: 2mm
• 3 options of length availability: 25cm / 50cm / 100cm
• Material: Aluminum
• Colour: Silver

Others formats:

Easy Stand - Fixing Square Tube in Silver Aluminum - 25cm - € 5,99
Easy Stand - Fixing Square Tube in Silver Aluminum - 50cm - € 9,99
Easy Stand - Fixing Square Tube in Silver Aluminum - 100cm - € 19,95
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