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DIGITA 600W by Lumii is a silent, small and lightweight dimmerable ballast which offers a boost setting for each lamp size, to control the light output.
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Silent, small and lightweight

DIGITA 600W by Lumii is a fully electronic, microprocessor controlled, ballast. It works at an higher frequency (hertz) than the standard magnetic ballast to let more light reach your plants, and grants more output per watt consumed with an higher efficency. DIGITA 600W by Lumii Ballast is dimmable and has a boost setting for each lamp size, granting you full control of the light output.

DIGITA 600W by Lumii is one of the most silent, small and lightweight ballasts available on the market. It will not degrade over time like core and coil type ballasts which also become noisy, use more electricity and produce less lumens as they get older. The LUMii DIGITA even comes with safety features that makes it react automatically as soon as it detects a power anomaly or a short-circuit, making it one of the safest ballasts on the market.

How does the dimmerable switch work?

DIGITA 600W by Lumii features a variable-output switch which has 4 position settings: 400w, 400w-boost, 600w and 600w-boost. It will power a 600 Watt HPS Lamp at all four settings and it will power a 400w HPS at 400w and 4000w-boost. Metal halides lamps can be used, but only at their rated output.


  • More light for your plants, with lesser power consumption.
  • Safety features that will help in case of a short-circuit or power anomaly.
  • DIGITA 600W by Lumii is one of the most silent on market, with no vibration.
  • Internal resin coating to prevent dust damage and to grant a perfect heat management.
  • More robust and long-lasting than any fan-cooled ballast.
  • EU Plug


  • Lenght: 36cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Height: 8cm

Weight: 3Kg

Product list LUMii
Weight 3 Kg
Watt 600 W
Manufacturer LUMii
Dimensions 36x20x8 Cm
Dim 250 / 400
Ballast Type
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