Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 90X60X90CM



Dark Propagator Secret Jardin grow box series is an ideal enviroment where to grow cuttings and germinate plants.
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Ideal enviroment where to grow cuttings and germinate plants

Dark Propagator - Secret Jardin

The Dark Propagator by Segret Jardin, is an ideal enviroment where to grow cuttings and germinate plants.

- Use the new Secret Jardin Dark Street technology
- Allows all possible configurations

The Dark Propagator includes a lightproof permissive material on the left side for the intraction of the air. Each floor gets the same air at the same speed. This allows the entire station to get the same temperature and humidity conditions for an optimal use.
Push all trays toward the permissive material in order to get the same Temperature and Humidity for each level.
Use the GreenHouse covers to keep higher humidity for the first stages of cutting.

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Secret Jardin - Dark Propagator - 120X60X120cm - € 230,01

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