Cultibox SG Combi Modular - 120x120x200cm



Cultibox - SG Combi is is an indoor cultivation grow box series with high quality mylar and accessible prices. The versatile structure allows you to connect different modules together to best fit your...
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Connect different modules together

The Cultibox SG Combi is an innovative indoor modular grow box series.

Modular Grow room with high quality mylar. 

 Thanks to the opening side walls, it’s possible to connect one cultibox sg combi to another, creating a new, ideal sized box to make the most of your available space.

Fully lined with 99% reflective mylar sheeting  and black external sheeting and metal frame. The  front zipper allows for easy access to plants, while the side walls have convenient velcro, which allows the easy connection of a second Cultibox, or simply to close the walls to shut out light and air from filtering through.

The Cultibox Grow Tents are designed and tested for maximum practicality and convenience for the indoor grower.
The structure is made of stainless steel  which is rust-proof and durable. It has the ability to support up to 20kg for the lighting and extraction tools. Complete with instructions,  they can be assembled in minutes.

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Cultibox SG Combi Modular - 100x100x200cm - € 159,90

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