Culled from the fibrous inner shell of coconuts, coir is often used instead of peat moss because it has a neutral pH level and provides excellent aeration and higher disease resistance. That makes it an ideal soil addition for many vegetables and flowers that thrive in alkaline conditions and need reliable drainage. 

Now you can put even more power into coconut coir with a formula that makes the most of your amendments. Featuring calcium and magnesium, CocoTek A+B offers an easy-to-use formula that's designed to enhance your coir. You can deliver nutrition from growth to bloom, giving your plants the benefits of premium nutrients in addition to the many advantages of coir.

Coir, Made Better
Available in two separate formulas, each CocoTek product is geared toward a specific phase:

  • CocoTek Grow A+B: This nutrient combination brings nitrogen and calcium into the crucial vegetative stage of plant growth.
  • CocoTek Bloom A+B: With elevated levels of our proprietary calcium blend, this unique formula is designed for increased yield during flowering or plant maturity.

Although the focus of CocoTek is coconut coir enhancement, the formulas also work well in soil and hydroponic setups.

Find the CocoTek feedcharts here.