Advanced Co2 Complete Kit - 500g Cylinder



Complete kit with CO2 spraying solenoid valve in the cultivation area. It includes a disposable cylinder 0.5 KG of CO2; and a solenoid valve for automatic interruption of CO2 distribution.
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Co2 Complete and Automatic Sprinkling Kit

The Complete Co2 Kit Advanced is a unique spray system of carbon dioxide composed of:

  • Disposable cylinder containing 500g of CO2
  • Solenoid valve for the interruption of the delivery flow of co2
  • Piston pressure reducer
  • Trasparent tube

The pressure reducer can be purchased separately.

The administration of Co2 and a perfect ventilation ensures an optimum photosynthesis for the plant, with a luxuriant growth, healthier plants and a rich flowering, reducing the risk of the formation of bacteria and mold.

Discover the importance of CO2 in the grow room.

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Buy Advanced Co2 Complete Kit - 500g Cylinder + Segmental Timer STEP 15min + CO2 Release Manometer

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