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Professional chiller for aquariums

The new TANK® line of chillers is the next generation of TECO's flagship SeaChill ™ aquarium chillers, used by consumers and professionals for over a decade.

Improved and perfected

Teco has once again reshaped the chiller industry by introducing the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly chiller to date for the aquarium tank and hydroponics industries.

  • Focused on a proven hydrocarbon refrigerant compressor with R290 refrigerant, the new Teco CHILLER ONLY, 500, 1000 and 2000 models can easily exceed the performance of traditional compressors by reducing energy consumption by 30% to 50%.
  • In addition, the environmentally friendly characteristics of R290 mean a drastic reduction in the destruction of Earth's ozone by up to 600 times compared to traditional chiller refrigerants.
  • Less operating costs and more earth's ozone sound like a winning combination for everyone!
  • The new changes include increased cooling efficiency and improved usability, functionality and durability.
  • Internationally recognized high-end compressors and titanium coaxial heat exchangers offer high performance, low power consumption and low noise levels.

Digital thermostat

Intuitive controller with accurate temperature sensing from 32 to 95 ° F.

  • Closed loop temperature control system with extremely narrow 1 ° C differential.
  • Displays in ° F or ° C and audible alarms for certain situations.


A solid and durable construction designed to provide near perfect corrosion protection.

  • Swiveling internal water connections and smaller form factor help facilitate chiller placement in tight spaces.
Efficient Cooling Technology
Efficient Cooling Technology The exclusive use of high-quality and internationally accepted and of the titanium heat exchanger, ensures high performance and low energy consumption. The set of technologies used allow you to achieve the highest COP - coefficient of performance and the lowest noise levels
Digital Thermostat
The setting of functions is intuitive and the temperature reading is accurate, resolution 0.1°C/1°F. The setting range is 5°C - 30°C (41°F - 86°F) and the temperature is kept constant with a maximum differential of 0.5°C/0.5°F. Displayed temperature is in °C or °F and there are security alarms.

Efficient Design
The chiller, with its innovative design, is characterized by a solid structure designed to guarantee a perfect protection against rust. The user will appreciate the functionality of the shape and the compact size also adaptable to confined spaces.
Unique Features
Innovative TECOair system: a system that, thanks to the conveyor rotation, assure to the chiller an optimal air exchange and heat expulsion from the cabinet; Magnetic filter for quick maintenance; R290 environmentally friendly gas that reduce power consumption with increased performance and COP; Designed for TECOnnect Wi-Fi.
Power supply Water temp. Liters US Gallons COP***
50Hz 77°F* 500 130 1,83
60Hz 77°F* 500 130 2,05
50Hz 47°F** 100 25 1,09
60Hz 47°F** 100 25 1,46
* The values reported in the table refer to the following conditions: room temp. 30°C, heating load of 0.3 w/lt.
** The values reported in the table refer to the following conditions: room temp. 30°C, heating load of 0.1 w/lt.
*** Coefficient of performance.
Power Supply Power Consumption Gas Weight Ambient temperature
50 Hz 240 W R290 36,4 lb 50°F - 100°F
60 Hz 200 W R290 36,4 lb 50°F - 100°F
ll data are approximate and may be changed without notice by TE


Manufacturer Teco

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