CFL Kit in Coco Fiber + Grow Box 150W - BASIC



CFL 150W Coco Kit + Set Up Grow Box for indoor growing with specific fertilizers for coco fibers to taste healthy fruits from your own garden. The pack is complete of all the necessary tools, professi...
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Complete Kit with Set up Grow Room and 150w lamp

This Coco Kit with 150watt CFL "includes a set up grow room" and complete of all pieces to start an indoor growing as real professional growers.

For our Coco Kits we have selected with our skilled professional growers products of a "high quality" to get from your plants a guaranteed result at the end of the flowering cycle.

This kit represents the perfect choice especially for peolpe who want to grow autoflowering plants.

Indoor Growing with Coco Fiber

The quality of our CFL Kit to grow in coco fiber is too high. In the "pack" there are products of the best professional brands on the market just like: Atami and Sonlight. Assembling this kit is too easy, just follow the instruction booklet, it takes only a few minutes. 

The Advantages of this Cultivation Technique

The Coco Fiber is one of the most practical and efficient substrates on which you can grow: it's light, well aired and oxygenated, it has an optimal drainage, a solid pH, it holds the humidity, it's ecological and recyclable.

It's free from nutritional values, so that it's essential to irrigate from the beginning specific fertilizers for coco, to match to an enzyme for contrasting the decomposition of organic material, stimulating the soil life, increasing the assimilation of nutrients, and allowing you to reuse the fiber.

Suitable for growing 2 plants

There are many reasons to choose our complete coco kit:

  • inside you will find the fertilizers needed to cover the complete growing cycle of plants (from germination to flowering);
  • the products within it are specific for crops in coco fiber;
  • The Sonlight indoor lamps coupled with these hps ballasts ensure a greater efficiency and therefore energy savings.

Are you looking for a manual?

Find out how to grow in coco by following the simple step by step guide to the techniques of cultivation in coco fiber.

The "CFL Kit in Coco Fiber + Grow Box 150W - BASIC" includes:

Mammoth Lite60 - 60x60x140 cm - Growbox

Mammoth Lite60 60x60x140 cm is a resistant and economical grow box. Lined with a high diffusion coefficient material 190D Silver (CRX 80%). Metal framework with supports for lighting and smell filtration systems.

Kit CFL 150w AGRO - Growth and Bloom Lamp

Kit with 150W Compact FLUO energy saving AGRO lamp with integrated ballast 150W (no separate ballast is required for these light) for the growing and blooming phase.

Segmental Timer STEP 15min

Budget Plug in Timer Switch - 24 Hour - Segmented Dial.(15 minute segments)

Square Pot 6,5L - 18x18x23cm (2 pz.)

By using square pots, you can really make the most of your floor space and avoid the wasted “in-between” space that is inevitable when using round pots.

Atami Cocos Substrate 20L - Coco Fiber

Atami Cocos Substrate 20L - Coco Fiber

Atami B'cuzz COCO A+B 2x1L

Coco Nutrition A Professional bio-mineral nutrition without waste substances. Stabilises the biological balance in all coco substrates. Saves 20 to 40% of the nutrition solution. Only to be used in combination with B’cuzz Coco Nutrition B. Atami recommends use of biostimulators for maximum results. Application The A and B concentrates may only be mixed in combination with water. NPK Coco Nutrition A: 6-0-5

In-line Extractor fan BLAUBERG TUBO-10cm 137m³/h

In-line Extractor fan TUBO-100

Customize your own indoor growing kit

Plants 1-2
Watt 150 W
Lamp Type CFL AGRO (Crescita e Fioritura)
Growing Area 60x60
Number of plants 2-4
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