Ceramic Porous Stone 100mm



High quality Hailea VolumeAir round airstone that helps to increase the oxygen content of all nutrient solutions. Recommended for all systems!
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Connected to the oxygenator

The Hailea VolumeAir round ceramic airstone disc is ideal for keeping Hydrogen peroxide and a movement of the nutrient solutions constantly in hydroponics systems, indispensable for hydroponics systems DWC ( Deep Water Crops ).
The disc-flat shape favors a greater air emission and bubbles production.

Available in 2 sized: 150mm & 200mm

Others formats:

VolumeAir Round Ceramic Airstone 150mm (6") - € 8,41
VolumeAir Round Ceramic Airstone 200mm (8") - € 16,90

Product list Hailea
Manufacturer Hailea
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