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CenturionPro - Gladiator, guarantees 75.000 cuts per minute and is one of the most requested Industrial machines for cutting quality and speed.
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Industrial trimmer

The Gladiator lives up to its name and is a warrior of a trimmer, suitable for large-scale industrial use. Thanks to its dual side-by-side tumblers, The Gladiator can process 28-32 lbs of dry product per hour (140-160 lbs wet) and replace up to 40 human trimmers. This machine comes with dual Toro hardened steel cutting reels complete with 11 high-quality blades each and dual tumblers giving it the highest processing capacity on the market. This beast of a trimmer can make 75,000 cuts per minute, while still maintaining greater trichome preservation on your precious flowers. Gentle yet powerful, The Gladiator comes standard with Centurion's extra-large hopper, finely tuned diverter to preserve different strains and our double-bag system that separates keif for further use. Employ The Gladiator and take your operation to the next level today.


  • Input Voltage: 7Amp - 110V NA, 3.5Amp - 220V EU/AUS
  • Dimensions: 30" L x 25" W x 28" H
  • Weight: 150lbs
  • Tumbler Diameter 2 x 6.5"
  • Number of Tumblers: x2
  • Human Trimmer Replacement 40 people
  • Processing Capability Dry: 28-32 lbs/hr, Wet: 140-160 lbs/hr
  • Cuts Per Minute 75,000

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