Cannaboom - Resina Plus 600 ml

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Favors the formation of sugars

Resin Plus Basic consists of a contribution of macro and micro elements rich in potash and organic matter to achieve density and hardness in the buds during the flowering of the plants, maintaining the balance of nutrients. In addition to micro elements of a high nutritional level of natural origin, it includes enzymes and auxins that save plants the extra expenditure of energy in the transformation of nutrients for easy assimilation, improving their metabolism, since they act as transporters of nutrients by its vegetable origin. This type of potassium is essential to get more compact buds with more weight, better flavor and more resin, since it is one of the nutrients that the plant assimilates more easily and in greater quantity to help increase photosynthesis and CO2 absorption, which intervenes and favors the formation of sugars, transporting the starch to the plant reserves. This product can be used in soil, indoor, outdoor, hydroponic and coconut crops.

COMPOSITION: potassium (28.00% w / w, 42.00% w / v), amino acids (2.30% w / w, 3.45% w / v)

USE: apply in proportion 15 ml every 10 liters of water from the seventh to the ninth week of flowering. In hydroponics it must be diluted very well before pouring into the irrigation tank. Shake vigorously before use.

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