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pH- BLOOM is used to reduce the pH value of the nutrient solution during the flowering period!

Maintaining the right pH-value is crucial to your plant's ability to take up nutrients. That's why CANNA developed the pH-series.
This series contains pH-adjusters which can be applied throughout the complete cultivation cycle.
To bring the pH down, there is CANNA pH-.
To adjust the pH upwards you can use CANNA pH+.

CANNA pH- Grow & CANNA pH- Bloom

  • In order to lower the pH in the feeding tank there is the pH- series
  • There are different solutions available for the vegetative (growing) and generative (blooming) phases


  • In order to adjust the pH upwards there is CANNA pH+
  • This product is suitable for both the growth and the flowering phase
  • CANNA has two different solutions of CANNA pH+
  • One of 5 % for small adjustments and one of 20% for larger corrections

CANNA Organic Acid

  • CANNA Organic Acid can be used as an organic alternative for CANNA pH-
  • It can be used to bring down the pH values in your water or substrate
  • Maintaining the right pH value is crucial for your plant's ability to take up nutrients
  • It also serves as an alternative for nitric acid and phosphoric acid


  • Stir well before every measurement
  • Add pH adjuster in very small doses (5ml) to the nutrient tank, checking the value of the pH level until desired pH level is achieved (6.2)
  • Corrosive elements, 59% phosphoric acid
  • Phosphoricanhydride 41% (P2O5)

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