Blumat Additional Dripping Unit 3 pieces



Blumat Additional Dripping Unit (blister with 3 pieces) with ceramic cone. They come with a T link to extend your Blumat system.
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A pack with 3 Blumat additional dripping unit

Blumat Additional Dripping Unit (pack with 3 pieces) with ceramic cone.  

They come with a T link to extend your Blumat system.

Soil moisturizer for individual houseplants: it saves trouble for plants by too much or too less water supply, it always provides the right amount of water.

The plant controls the supply of water by itself. Water is soaked in through the 80cm long, 3mm diameter hose from your water container, which might be a bucket, bottle, vase, or pot. Dry potting soil soakes in more water, wet soil less or no water.

Installation is easy: just open the green cap, fill it brimfull with water, close the cap, and lay the whole unit for 1 hour in water, to allow saturate the ceramic cone. After that put the ceramic cone into the potting soil, and the ending of the hose into the nearby water container. That's it. 

Depending from the size of your container you have peace of mind with watering for several weeks. After each approx. 6 weeks it is recommended to water the potting soil amply by hand.

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