Bluelab Truncheon EC Meter

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Simple and ingenious conductivity meter

Bluelab Truncheon is the essential tool, when growing in hydroponics, to know the level of fertilizers in the nutrient solution. If the conductivity reading is too low, your plants may not be getting enough nutrients. If the conductivity reading is too high, plants can become dehydrated. Using the Bluelab Truncheon nutrient meter is the easiest and fastest way to measure conductivity!

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To get a solution reading, simply place the probe in the solution and the reading is indicated by flashing lights.

Calibration of the Truncheon nutrient meter is not required.

Technical features: 

See also the detailed data sheet attached.

  • Completely waterproof
  • Auto on / off
  • No calibration required
  • Daylight readable blue LEDs
  • Battery operated - 3 AA batteries included
  • No buttons, switches or knobs
  • Supplied with EC, CF, ppm 700 and ppm 500 scales


Manufacturer Bluelab
Manufacturer Bluelab
Parameters EC

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