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1L BioMagno Florastimo 100% Organic is a flowering enhancer in a fluid state of natural origin which increases the flower and fruit production by increasing the metabolism and assimilation of nutritio...
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It maximizes the production of flowers, fruits, resins and essential oils in a natural way

BioMagno Florastimo 100% Organic 1L is an organic and liquid bloom enhancer of completely natural origin, containing extracts of seaweed and yeasts of the Ascophyllum nodosum species.

Fertilizer which increases the flower and fruit fragrance

Thanks to the presence of elicitors it improves the resistance of plants to diseases caused by imbalances or stress and disease. It Increases the texture, color, fragrance of the fruit and has a positive effect on the sugar content and it also improves the ability of preserving treated crops. Biomagno also increases the flower development, fruiting, production and quality in all crops, by increasing the trophic activity of the organism and optimizing their metabolism.

Florastimo 100% Organic advantages on cultivation,it:

  • Increases the synthesis of natural hormones of plants
  • Increases the metabolism and assimilation of nutrients
  • Increases the production of essential oils and resins
  • Maximizes the production of flowers and fruits

Use 0.5-1,0ml/l of Florastimo 100% Organic at intervals of one week (alternate weeks) during the whole flowering stage.

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BioMagno - Florastimo 100% Organic - 250ml - € 15,60
BioMagno - Florastimo 100% Organic - 1L - € 38,19

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