BioMagno - Biomassa 100% Organic - 1L



A Flowering Organic Stimulator containing nitrogen and totally natural with calcium and magnesium basis which contains brown algae and yeast extracts. It increases the cellular multiplication of plant...
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Bio-flowering stimulator of natural origin rich in calcium and magnesium

The  BioMagno Biomassa 100% Organic is a nitrogenous and organic bloom booster containing calcium and magnesium.

Organic bloom stimulator which accelerates the production of flowers and fruits

It is composed of liquid extracts of yeast and brown algae which provide an excellent standard of nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and magnesium. Biomass 100% Organic significantly increases cell proliferation by accelerating the metabolism of the plants in your indoor and outdoor cultivation.

To use with BioMagno Florastimo 100% Organic every alternate week, starting from the second week of flowering onwards 0,5-1ml/liter.

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BioMagno - Biomassa 100% Organic - 250ml - € 14,80
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