The easy2grow system will water & feed your plants using 8.5 litre pots without the need for pumps, timers and electricity. It provides a fully automatic supply of water and nutrients, with a built in...
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Easily and automatically feeds and water your 48 plants

The easy2grow system is AutoPot’s best selling watering system, it offers maintenance free growing for the greenhouse, polytunnel, garden or home without wasting a single drop of water. The easy2grow system will water & feed your plants using 8.5 litre pots without the need for pumps, timers and electricity. It provides a fully automatic supply of water and nutrients, with a built in wet/dry cycle to mimic natural systems. Whether using the easy2grow starter kit or multiple easy2grow extension kits on a vast commercial scale this system provides everything the plant requires. This system can be used as a hydroponic set up or with the medium/substrate of your choice. 


  • By operating automatically and reliably the easy2grow system allows gardeners to relax, to go away for weekends and still be sure of healthy plants and bumper harvests.
  • No electricity required

Growing Area: 8-10 m2

This passive auto watering system includes:

  • 1x 400 ltr Tank
  • 24x 2Pot tray & lid
  • 48x 8.5ltr pots
  • 24x AQUAvalve
  • Accessories and irrigation pipes

AQUAvalve does not require electricity or pumps and can be positioned indoor or outdoor to better fulfil your needs and requirements.

To know more, please visit our hydroponics guide.

Product list Autopot
Tank 400 Lt
Plants 48
Growing area 8 - 10 m²
Manufacturer Autopot
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  • Rating 25/05/2015

    "Ottima qualità a mio parere"