Athena Kit SPRAY (IPM, Stack) 2x0,94L

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Prevent mold and pests

The Athena SPRAY product kit contains IPM and Stack, which together form a team for the management and prevention of many indoor growing problems such as mold and pests.

Athena® IPM has proven effective against various pests and pathogens including mites, powdery mildew, and midge fungi. The combination of both products allows plants to be fertilized while establishing a line of defense against fungal pests and pathogens.

Athena® Stack, being derived from algae and other plants, provides bioavailable micronutrients that promote increased lateral growth, tighter nodes, faster sprouting and overall increased vigor.

Benefits of IPM + Stack Blend

Mixing Athena® IPM and Athena® Stack together in the same solution offers a pleasant advantage: first of all, it is compatible for preventive and curative foliar application to plants, plus it will result in lower dosage, thus increasing efficacy and saving on consumption and labor.

Spray Procedure

To avoid residue formation on the leaves, osmotic (or demineralized) water is recommended:

Fill: Fill a container with RO water for the amount of plants you are going to spray.
IPM: Add Athena® IPM to 60-90ml / 3.78L and shake until fully mixed.
Stack: Add 4-7ml / 3.78L of Athena® Stack and shake. Contains biological ingredient that may separate in storage, so shake well before each use.
Saturate: Fully saturate the substrate with with the previously created mix. If the substrate is totally hydrated, the plant will absorb IPM properly. If the plant is dehydrated, it will absorb IPM only through its leaves; this can cause burning or reactions.
Temperature: Lower the temperature to about 22°C and use dehumidifiers to keep the humidity around 55-65% to prevent mold and mildew problems.
Spray: Spray only when high-intensity lights are off to avoid burns (green lights only, no direct light).
Spray: Start by spraying the stand, following the stem making sure to wet the underside of the leaves.
Spray: Follow with a spray the top of the leaves to ensure full saturation.
Dry: Allow to dry sufficiently (3-4 hours) before maximum light intensity.

The kit contains:

  • 1x IPM 0,94L
  • 1x Stack 0,94L



Format Liquid
Manufacturer Athena


Dosaggi e procedura Spray

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