Atami - B'Cuzz Silic Boost 1L

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Improve self resistance against external harmful agents

B'cuzz Silic Boost is a grow and bloom stimulator, formuled with Silicon. Silicium is an essential element; which helps preventing stress situations in plants, besides improving self defense of plants against external harmful elements. The use of Atami Silic Boost in your growing schedule helps improving nutrient's transport like phosphorus, deriving in larger yields.

Silic Boost by Atami is a product that, added to your growing schedule guarantees an increase of Silicon values needed for plant's developement during grow and bloom stages. Silicium has demonstrated as a key element for nutrient transport in plants, besides helping prevent against stress situations.

Silic Boost, thanks to its studied formula, is suitable for all growing mediums (soil, coco and hydroponics), and is specially important when susbtrate has been recycled, as it prevents against harmful external pathogens in substrate.

Adding Silic Boost during all stages of plants helps them improve self resistance against external harmful agents, as it increases cell's walls, giving higher strenght to the sterm (so a must when growing hydroponics as plants need more resitance to hold its flowers).

Being a very concentrated product, Silic Boost is able to large amounts of nutrient solution, being possible to use it along the whole cycle of plants, what improves growth ratiosize and density of flowers, deriving in larger yields.

To increase the uptake speed of Silic Boost can be used in foliar spray form.

B'cuzz Silic Boost

  • Type: Silicon-based stimulator.
  • To:  Improve resistance of plants against external harmful agents, increase nutrient uptake, and improve plant's strength.
  • Use: Along all stages of plants (grow and bloom).
  • Dose: In water 0,1 ml/L. Foliar spray 0,05 ml/L.


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