Bloom-C is a liquid, yield-increasing organic fertilizer made primarily from Algae and seaweed extracts for blooming phase: suitable on all indoor growing plants in their flowering stage. It contains ...
Bloom Organic
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Organic fertilezer with Algae and seaweed extracts for best-tasting and optimum yields

Organic growing is increasingly gaining in popularity. To meet this demand, this liquid organic fertilizer for the flowering period has been developed. Atami Ataorganics Bloom-C has a strong yield-increasing effect and contains several key ingredients such as algae and seaweed extracts. This makes it very good nutrition for the formation of flower bunches in the indoor growing. Still not all secrets have been revealed, because besides the important algae and seaweed extracts, Bloom C also contains a wealth of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and natural plant hormones. A real must for any flowering plant!


Add to the nutrient solution from the flowering period onwards. Can be used daily for the irrigation of the crop during the flowering period. Do not use in combination with calcium!

Growing tip

The combination of Bloom-C with Growth-C, Flavor, and Kilomix Worm Manure is strongly recommended.

Quality guaranteed

The stimulators and liquid nutrients of Atami are packed and sealed light tight under the twistable cap, so the quality remains guaranteed.

Available sizes

Ataorganics Bloom-C can be purchased in two different sizes: 

  • 1 Liter
  • 5 Liter


Use 20 ml - 50 ml per 10 litre of nutrient water.


Ratio of nitrogen(N),phosphorus(P), and potassium(K) in Bloom-C fertilizer: 1-20-17 


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