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Atami - ATA NRG Upgrade - 600g is a fertiliser for the organic grower which is produced from rock phosphate and ingredients of plant origin. Upgrade is rich in organic nitrogen to support the growing ...
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Produced from rock phosphate and ingredients of plant origin.

Atami ATA NRG Upgrade - 600gis rich in organic nitrogen to support the growing plant. The organic nutrients in Upgrade are not readily available but rely on soil organisms for their release.This process ensures the long-term availability of nutrients whenever your plant requires them. In addition to these nutrients, Upgrade also contains Bacillus bacteria. These organisms colonise the root area and release the phosphorus present in the soil, making it available to your crop. In other words, a sustainable method to provide phosphorus to your plants. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for the development of the root system and for plants in the bloom-phase.

Dosage: Mix 3 – 6 grams Upgrade per litre of substrate for the basic fertilisation. Use 1 – 2 grams per litre substrate when mixing propagation soil. For an additional dose of fertiliser: sprinkle 2 – 4 grams per litre on top of your substrate.

Grow tips: Allowed for use in organic farming according to Control Union Certi cations Standards on Inputs (based on EEC 834/2007 and 889/2008). Contains only raw materials permitted in Annex I and / or II of Regulation (EEC) No 889/2008 on organic production methods and modifications.


  • type of plant nutrition: basic nutrients
  • cultivation style: soil, coco, hydro
  • Suitable for in & outside
  • N-Value 60
  • Suitable for: indoor, outdoor
  • P-Value 3
  • K-Value 4
  • Surface: Soil, hydro, coco
  • Phases seedstage: seed stage, growth stage, ready to bloom stage, bloom stage, ripening stage

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