Aptus - Top Booster 20L

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Blossom and maturation stimulator for perfect results

Aptus Top Booster is a Blossom and maturation stimulator: Topbooster is the perfect combination of a flowering and maturation stimulator. Just like Startbooster, is Topbooster a concentrated product that contains multiple active ingredients that all have a stimulating effect on the flowering process. Topbooster gives big buds with lots of fibres, resins and sugars. Plants treated with

Product description:

Topbooster will stand out for the quality of the end product. No other product has such a strong effect on the looks and taste of the end product.

Topbooster is highly concentrated and thus cheap to use. A small bottle is often enough for a complete growth cycle as you only need small dosages.


– Bigger flowers with lots of fibres, resins and sugars
– Improved quality (appearance and taste)
– Faster development of buds and flowers
– Better quality end product
– Higher yield

Tips & Tricks
– Topbooster is an organic product.
– Organic fertilizers are better absorbed in plants than mineral fertilizers.
– Topbooster used at a slightly higher dose has even a better effect. Try a dose of 40ml/100l.
– Prepare a nutrient solution with Topbooster and use this solution within maximum 3 days.
– Always use System-Clean when using Topbooster in drip irrigation systems

The active ingredients of Topbooster are selected on basis of quality and absorption. The rapid absorption of active ingredients in Topbooster has a powerful and visible effect on the flowering process.
– Amino acids
– Polysacharides
– Trace elements (boron/iron/molybdenum)
– Bloom stimulating hormones (auxines)
– Vitamin complexes

Topbooster is available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml packagings

Application and dosage
Topbooster contains a synergetic cocktail of active ingredients that stimulate the complete flowering process. We therefore advise to use Topbooster almost during the complete flowering phase. Use Topbooster as an additive next to a base NPK fertilizer. Use 20ml per 100 litres (1:5000) from the second week of flowering until the last week.
Topbooster is an 100% organic product. Be careful with the use of organic product in drip irrigation systems. In such systems, organic product increase the risk of blockages. Therefore, always use System-Clean when using Topbooster in drip irrigation systems.


Format Liquid
Manufacturer Aptus

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