Aptus - Humic Blast

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Fully organic microelement booster

Humic-Blast by Aptus is an organic soil conditioner that improves plants ability to absorb nutrients, balances the charge in mediums creating airy soil structure and improves water retention. Humic-Blast neutralizes build up of acids and salts in the medium freeing locked up nutrients. Humic-Blast is rich in Carbon and Potassium humates and is supplemented with natural plant hormones and microelements.


  • Stops microelement deficiencies
  • Prevent nutritional imbalances
  • Breaks down nutrient salts and helps remove heavy metals
  • Fully organic microelement booster
  • Very high chelating capacity

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Aptus - Humic Blast 250ml - € 16,90
Aptus - Humic Blast 1L - € 44,00


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