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Antika Officina Botanika Organic K-Equiseto is a natural fertilizer that helps keep away common fungi from plants. Created from the fermentation of plant material which is rich in natural stimulants t...
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It stimulates the natural defenses of plants

Organic K-Equiseto is a product obtained from the fermentation of plant material rich in natural stimulants capable of activating the natural defense processes.

A fertilizer with a stimulating action for the production of NATURAL DEFENSES to keep away the common mushroom from plants.

Composition: Fermented and stabilized plant material. Base material: Molasses Of sugar Beet.

Effective against: Common Fungi

Method of use

The product can be used both in preventive phase as well as in the attack phase of the parasites. The bottle should be diluted, to improve and strengthen the natural defenses is useful to add vegetable soap (First). Once prepared the solution, spray it over the entire  air device of the plants, in case of attack repeat after 1 week, in preventive phase repeat after 4 weeks. If the season is favorable to the development of pests or plants live in badly ventilated places repeat it after 2 weeks.

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