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Antika Officina Botanika - Primo: Sulphur Plant Soap - Plant Soap with stimulating and cleaning properties on plants which present oidium and common fungi.
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Biodegradable soap for plants

This product is completely natural and biodegradable recommended for leaf application on all plants. Because of the high content of natural stimulants, from the first intervention, the plants react positively and are put in conditions to defend themselves from parasite attacks.

Plant soap with a stimulating and cleaning action on plants which present common attacks from oidium and fungi.

Dosage and method of use

The jar is sufficient for 30-35 liters of water, to improve the results add K-Equiseto to the product. In case of an attack repeat the operation after 1 week until the plants do not manifest any symptoms. In the preventive phase treat it once every 3 weeks.

Product list Antika Officina Botanika
Manufacturer Antika Officina Botanika
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