Alien RDWC V-System Series 50LTR - 4 Vases

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L'ultimo arrivo in casa Alien

V-system by Alien Hydroponics is the latest addition to Alien, the latest generation RDWC system with the most recirculation and oxygenation systems.It has taken years to develop this highly oxygenated RDWC system that will give you the healthiest root zones and massive yields. For the first time in the industry, the V-SYSTEM ™ does not use an air pump to oxygenate the nutrient solution. Instead, using precision design, the water flow creates a vortex that oxygenates the fluid content of the entire system rather than just the area around the air source. No matter where your roots grow in the pot, they will receive the highest levels of oxygen to grow amazing crops. The nutrient solution is then further oxygenated using the silent Venturi valve technology to draw air into the pot. Simple but effective. The massive 58 liter V-SYSTEM ™ pots can hold giant root zones allowing for huge plants and high yields. Designed by experts, the slanted shape of the pot also allows you to drain the entire system so that it only grows in the coolest water. Unlike other hydroponic systems, V-SYSTEM's JET-STREAM® Vortex water pump is located outside the collector vessel, so less heat is transferred to the fluid. Lower water temperatures mean less chance of root rot and other pathogens affecting the crop. The ultra-wide and customizable length, 5 "tubing and vortex pump create a free-flowing system that simultaneously injects nutrient solution into each pot. Whether you have a 4 or 48 pot system, the nutrients supplied to your plants they will be the same in every pot, giving you a consistent harvest. Now is the time to be part of the new wave of hydroponic systems that will make it easier for you to grow bigger and better than ever.


  • Vortex Movement The revolutionary new V system uses a vortex to naturally oxygenate the solution and maintain perfect CO2 levels for healthy plant growth.
  • Using Venturi technology, oxygen is drawn into the V-System creating a quiet flow of air without ever needing an air pump.
  • The V-SYSTEM pressurized system allows you to send all nutrients simultaneously
  • Bottom drainage
  • The V system water pump is located on the outside of the collector vessel, which means zero heat transfer from the pump to the fluid, keeping the water cooler and the roots healthier.


Manufacturer Alien Hydroponics


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