Alien - RDWC Pro Silver Series 20lt - From 4 to 36 Pots

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Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 55L – Available From 4 Pots Up To 32 Pots

Deep water culture recirculation is a method used to grow rooted plants in a high oxygen nutrient solution.


Maximum growth potential can be optimized using the ALIEN® RDWC hydroponic system. The super oxidized nutrient solution is continuously circulated in the system. The water pump generates an electric current that draws the solution into the tank and mixes the nutrients.

  • This current also provides vital nutrients to the roots, optimizing root health and increasing nutrient absorption efficiency.
  • Importantly, due to the large amount of water in the system, the PH and EC levels are constantly kept stable.

Increased efficiency

The way in which this system is conceived allows high levels of oxidation and continuous circulation of the solution for optimal absorption of nutrients by the root system

  • The large volume of circulating nutrient solution results in improved pH, EC / TDS stability.

New features

The fittings are now threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts which facilitate installation and repositioning of the system. Heavy duty clips located on the sides of the pots lift the airlines off the floor.

  • The Mesh Pot is much improved and is now manufactured in Supersoft ™ material to prevent root damage. The square design fits rockwool cubes, but stays round on the outside, so rotation is still possible.
  • The base includes a raised grid to raise the cube slightly to prevent it from saturating.
  • All RDWC systems are now equipped with factory fitted chiller fittings on the header side, simplifying chiller installation.


  • Heat reflective Sliver polymer
  • Super oxygenation of the root system
  • Reduction of vegetative times
  • Uniform PH and EC
  • easy to install
  • Ultra resistant pots.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to expand
  • Low substrate consumption
  • Easy to empty

Water pump:

  • Q-Max: 1350l / h
  • H-Max: H 180cm
  • Voltage: 230-240v / 50hz
  • Watt: 23
  • Cable: 1.5m

Air pump:

  • Power: 80.0 l / min @ (0.12 bar)
  • Connector: 18 mm
  • Model: ET80
  • Consumption: 105 W
  • Dimensions: 238 x 196 x 177 mm
  • Flexible to the available space

Alien has designed these systems to be modular and expandable according to the needs of each individual grower.

  • For this we have different models with a number of pots ranging from 4 to 48 for each situation.

Available kits:

  • 4 pots
  • 6 jars
  • 8 jars
  • 9 jars
  • 10 jars
  • 12 jars
  • 15 jars
  • 16 jars
  • 18 jars
  • 21 jars
  • 24 jars
  • 28 jars
  • 32 jars
  • 36 jars
  • 48 jars

For unmatched efficiency!


System Volume (L) 220 Lt
Tank Volume (L) 100 Lt
Air Pump Size 40 Lpm
Water Pump Size 1000 Lph
Manufacturer Alien Hydroponics
Dimensions 175x115 Cm

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