Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – Available From 4 Pots Up To 32 Pots



Alien RDWC PRO System designed with recirculating DWC system. A method used to grow plants with roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. You can optimize maximum growth potential o...
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Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L

By using RDWC System, you can optimize your plants maximum growth potential due to the super oxygenated nutrient solution that is constantly recirculating around the system by an inline pump. The inline pump creates a current that draws the nutrient solution through the pots, both cooling and mixing the nutrients.
Benefits of using RDWC PRO
• Easy to assemble and easy to expand
• No medium required
• Easy to drain down
• Can be used with water chillers
• Greater Yield Potential
• Increased growth production and drastically reduce vegetative times.
• High productivity with fewer plants
• 34 or 55 litre pots for increased root space
• 32mm pipe and fittings
Increased Efficiency
• High levels of oxygen and constant circulation optimize plants nutrients uptake capacity
• Huge volume of nutrient solution means stable PH, EC/TDS and less change outs
• Maximum oxygen saturation from Norres Pro-Air diffuser

To achieve maximum oxygen levels, RDWC System incorporated a Norres Pro-Air diffuser in the header pot. This diffuser creates micro bubbles which allows oxygen is suspended in the solution for a longer period of time compared to an air stone.

Others formats:

Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 4 Pots - € 1.199,00
Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 6 Pots - € 1.499,00
Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 8 Pots - € 1.849,00
Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 9 Pots - € 1.959,00
Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 12 Pots - € 2.299,00
Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 16 Pots - € 2.869,00
Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 24 Pots - € 4.089,00
Alien RDWC Pro 75cm 34L – 32 Pots - € 4.629,00

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