Air pump 1,5 L / min - 1 exit



Air pump with an advanced compression system and a silencer that makes it extremely silent. It has an artificial sealing system that maintains the pressure and the emission of still air.
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Neptune air pump with a power of 1.5 l / min. The bubble-forming compressor serves to oxygenate small reservoirs of nutrients, aquariums and pots of hydroponic plants. It can feed a diffuser stone up to 10 cm long. Neptune Air Pump NHA1 has rubber feet to absorb noise and vibration. The air intakes are protected to prevent the compressor from burning if it becomes clogged. It has a regulator to lower or increase the power, if necessary.

It is a very silent oxygenation pump and can be installed on the wall or left on a flat surface. The water bubble pump provides oxygen to the water in the irrigation tank or aquarium while maintaining the mixture of fertilizers and homogeneous water. In hydroponics and aeroponics are necessary to keep the nutritive solution in good condition.

Remember that if you install the pump below the water level, in some cases you can get water to the compressor. Show that the Neptune NHA1 air pump is always above the tank and you will never have that problem.

Features of the Neptune NHA1 1-output pneumatic pump.

  • Power: 4W.
  • Capacity: 1 x 1.5 l / min.
  • Pressure: 0.012Mpa
  • Voltage: 220V-240V.
  • Dimensions: 133x70x60mm.

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Manufacturer Neptune Hydroponics
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