Air Diffuser with EPDM Membrane



Air Diffuser with membrane in EPDM and silicon, 62X1000mm ensures good oxygenation thanks to the flexible and microforated membrane that can atomize the air.
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EPDM and silicon 62X1000mm

The membrane air diffuser is perfect to be udes in aquaculture, hydroponics, sewage treatment and purification. This fantastic air diffuser is able to atomize the air flowing through the EPDM flexible and microphoric membrane and high quality silicone, thus maximizing oxygenation. The diffuser is made of PVC structure with EPDM and silicone coating that guarantees a long life.


  • Quantity of bubbles: 18000
  • Bubble Size: 1-3mm
  • Connection: 19mm
  • Recommended range: 5 to 24 mc / h air
  • Maximum capacity: 24 / h air
  • Operating temperature: 0-100 ° C
  • Height: 62mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Recommended for: aquaculture, hydroponic cultivation and wastewater treatment and purification.

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