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Eliminates larvae and aggressive worms from plants naturally
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Agrobacterials Snake Poison is an ecological and natural insecticide made from organic acids against grubs and worms.

Eliminates larvae and aggressive worms from plants naturally.
Snake Poison also provides force and strengthens the cuticular structures of plants by stimulating the photosynthetic processes, accumulating minerals provided on the surface of stems, leaves and fruit.
USAGE AGAINST: all kinds of larvae, moths and bugs.
COMPOSITION: Bacillus thuringiensis - Kurstaki: 32000000 U.I./gr.
How to use the insecticide Snake Killer in cultivation:
As a foliar spray: From 0.5 grams to 1 gram per liter of water, sprayed on the leaves of plants to early life stages of larvae.
! NOTE: Do not apply Snake Killer along with products that can kill the beneficial bacteria (fungicides, pesticides, etc ...).

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