AGRO Mammoth Slim Neon Kit - 2x 55W



Mammoth Neon Kit AGRO Slim 2x 55W is an indoor lighting kit which includes: neon ballast, ultra slim and ultra-light ceiling light and 2 Mammoth lamps for growth and bloom.
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Light up your grow room in a simple way, perfect for Micro Growing, Hot Pepper

Mammoth Neon Kit AGRO Slim 2x55W is an indoor lighting kit for grow rooms or small green houses which includes: a neon ballast, an ultra-light and thin ceiling light and 2 lamps suitable for growth and bloom of indoor plants.

Perfect for Micro Growing or Hot Pepper Cultivation

The Slim Ceiling Light neon is only 6 cm tall and ultra-light - characteristics that allow its use in any environment, even in the smallest one. Thanks to the special TCL neon tubes (55W each), low heat emission, you can bring the reflector just 5 cm from the seedlings. The Mammoth Neon Slim Kit has all the features that are used to germinate the seeds, propagate cuttings and grow your favorite plants.

The Neon Slim Kit can be connected together to use a single socket for all the neon light kit (up to 5).

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